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10 Tips To Get a Job at GOOGLE; Professional experience, Specialty, Passionate about technology and the Company

welcome as a guest and leave as a friend      Hello, Techtrending viewers Welcome to our website Today. I hope you guys enjoying our  1...

welcome as a guest and leave as a friend    

Hello, Techtrending viewers Welcome to our website Today. I hope you guys enjoying our 16 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Benefits from Top Sources [2019]; Tools, Disadvantages, Myths, our new Topic is Google's job, Professional experience, Specialty, Passionate about technology and the company, So let's move into our topic.

 1.Professional experience:

     There is no matter whether you have a University degree or not when you have the right professional experience.

➤  Professional experience is nothing but an experience that you earn by being in a professional.

2.Coding skills:

       Coding is important when you are started out and with different ways to improve it.

➤ If you are applying for an engineering job you have to build your coding skills.

➤ You have to learn code in at least one object-oriented programming language like Java, C++ or Python.

➤ You have to learn other programming languages like JavaScript and HTML to your skillset.

➤ You have to test your code because Google wants you to be able to break your software, catch bugs and create tests.

➤ You have to understand data structures and algorithms because google wants you to learn about fundamental datatypes like queues, stacks and sorting algorithms like mergesort, heapsort, quicksort.

➤ Google loves robots so you have become familiar with artificial intelligence.

➤ Cybersecurity is crucial so you have learned cryptography (the art of writing codes or solving codes).

3.Apply via a company website:

           Instead of focusing on internships and campus recruiting, it's better not to apply externally through the company website.

➤ Your chances of getting an interview are not very good when you have externally to apply via a company web site.

4. About resume:

           Google doesn't care about the GPA if the Engineer is good enough.

➤ A resume is very important, don't write anything on your resume which is not your strength.

➤ Having a low GPA does hurt your chances in some way.

5. Resume with a list of other activities:

             It's better to have something else on your resume besides a GPA.

➤ They don't care about where you went to school or what grades you got.

➤ They only care about what you are capable of.

6. Engineering skills:

           You have to show your engineering skills like having some evidence that you are a rock star engineer that you can present.

7. The track record on open source projects:

          Have a pretty impressive track record contributing to open source projects.

➤ This is not only for Google, once you get more experienced and have some impressive projects under the belt then they don't care about your grades.

8. Specialty:

            You have some specialty when compare to others then Google can easily identify you.

➤ Google looks for a skilled person in one area, has other interests and the best in their field.

9. Passionate about technology and the company:

          Be passionate about what you are interested in the company.

➤ You have to talk about projects or activities in detail.

➤ You have to show your skills and knowledge, applying them.

➤ Engage the interviewer ( such as maintaining eye contact, be an active listener and participate in the conversation ).

➤ You have to maintain a blog about technology topics or be active in an online community.

10. Communicate:

             You have to clearly communicate, how you can help the company.

➤ Be prepared and knowledgeable about the company.

➤ You have some signals like creativity, passion, and initiative.


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