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10 tips to increase your phone's battery life

                    welcome as a Guest and leave as a Fr iend  HELLO, TechTrending Readers Welcome to our Website Today our Topic is ab...

                welcome as a Guest and leave as a Friend 

HELLO, TechTrending Readers Welcome to our Website Today our Topic is about increasing the Phone's Battery life with 10 simple steps, So let's Move into Our Topic.  post by Vishwa

-> The mobile battery was prepared by li-lion (or) li-polymer so it will get damaged very easily when we are not maintained it well 

->Do not charge the battery always to 100% the battery cycles will be damaged while we are charging every time to full 

-> Keep your battery percentage always above 25% this will helps to extend your phone's battery life more 

->Do not switch on the data connection while the phone was charging because the phone produce more heat rather than before 

->Do not use the phone in the more extreme temperatures 

-> Use and keep the phone always in the mid-range temperature always 

-> Charge the phone battery two times a day 

->Do not use the mobile while it was charging like (making phone calls and messages) 

-> Use the charger  given with that phone (out of the box)
-> If you are using the other charges first compare the output and input with your mobile charger and after use 

-> Remove the phone case while it was charging because the produced heat from the phone will cause to phone blast 

-> Do not use the damaged chargers for charging any phones.

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