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4 Ways To Learn Big Data; Types, Applications, Characteristics, Advantages

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend Hello, Tech Trending Readers Welcome to our Website Today Our Topic is About Big Data, Ty...

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend

Hello, Tech Trending Readers Welcome to our Website Today Our Topic is About Big Data, Types of Big data, Characteristics of Big data, Advantages of Big data, Applications of Big data, So let's Move to Our Topic.

              DATA is nothing but the information stored by the computer. Information like Programs, Images,  Or other types of data, etc.
             Then coming to BIG DATA, It is a Data with Large Size. It is used to describe a collection of data that is large in size. It is very difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.

1.Types Of Big Data:


          The data that can be stored, processed and accessed in the form of fixed-format is known as Structured data. 
              - In the database, the Employee table is the best example of structured


         The data with the structure or that lacks any specific form is
known as Unstructured data.
              - Email is one of the examples for unstructured data.


         The data in which both structured and unstructured data is
known as Semi-structured data.
              -personal data stored in some files is an example for semi-structured data.     

 2. Characteristics( 3 V's) Of Big Data:


           It refers to three types that are mentioned above and that is from multiple sources. Before databases and spreadsheets were the only sources of data. Now, Data is in the form of photos, emails, PDF's, audios and videos, etc.  


           It refers to the speed of the data in real-time. It contains a rate of change.


           Big Data refers to large VOLUMES of data and like various sources of networks, business processes, machines, etc.    

  3. Benefits Of Big Data:

     . Inability, by taking decisions Business can use outside
     .  By accessing social data,, to Improved customer service.
      . If any better operational productivity in Early identification of risk to the services.

   4. Applications Of Big Data:

      . In the healthcare sector, Big Data created large differences with the help of medical professionals to serve individual patients like fitness, etc.
      . In academics, Big Data helps to learn online educational
      . In banking, Big Data helps duplicity in real-time like misuse
of debit or credit cards etc.
      . Big Data, mostly used by IT companies which is to find
innovative solutions.

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