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5 Best hidden features in Vivo V11 Pro

welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend                    Hello, TechTrending  Readers Welcome to our website Today our topic is about...

welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend       

         Hello, TechTrending  Readers Welcome to our website Today our topic is about best-hidden features in vivo v11 pro. so let's move into our topic. 

  vivo v11 pro phone combines a beautiful design with a capable chipset and a good camera &Music.

                     Image result for 17 hidden features vivo v11 pro
vivo has been improving os and changes have made to this phone.

1.change default apps and keyboard

                 Image result for change keyboard images in vivo v11 pro
To Manage default apps, you can go to settings then more settings >>permission management>>Default apps.

The default keyboard on Vivo phones is can't get rid of it completely but downloading a third-party keyboard will help.
we'd recommend a simple and efficient GBoard app by google.
2.Auto call recording and call forwarding

                     To access a basic call setting, go to settings>>phone, here record settings options from where we can turn on auto call will also notice call waiting and call forwarding.

3.Direct paytm payment
   vivo has added a paytm payment option directly under the notification. we can simply pull down the notification pad and tap on the QR code scanner button and directly pay.

4.portrait mode and live photo 
   portrait mode for front and rear camera you can click portrait mode shots with both, the front, and rear camera when you turn on portrait mode for the front camera the options for studio lightning.

     The live photo can also capture motion pictures by tapping the live photo option before shooting.

5.Face beauty for video calls
   Go to settings >>more settings and click on face beauty for video calls.

There several features like smart motion, a smart split, three-finger screenshot battery percentage, etc to improve fun touch OS.

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