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History of the Youtube and how it works

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend   Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to Our Website hope you guys are enjoying our  Ho...

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend

 Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to Our Website hope you guys are enjoying our How Google search engine works Today Our Topic is about the history of the youtube and how it works So let's move into Our Topic. Post by Vishwa  

About Youtube:

Youtube was one of the popular sites which does not need any
introduction it provides the information in a video format 
and youtube was the largest platform for every creator to 
prove his talent in every department crores of members are
watching the youtube every day 
all the videos and the data information which was provided
 in the youtube will be in the data centers belonged 
to google. 

History of Youtube: 

Paypal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, jawed Karim three
friends have started a dating website "Tune in Hook up" but the site  did not become successful 

one day Jawed Karim has searched for his favorite singer Janet Jackson video song on the internet but he did not get that anywhere
on the internet 
and on the other day, Steve Chen planned to send a birthday party video shooted by him  to his friend but he didn't he tries to send that video from the mail but the mail does not support that large video 
these two situations made them create a website which anyone can access that site and can watch the videos in it all over the world  
and in that site, we can post our shooted videos and they watch by anyone from any country and we can share that video to any person  
then they changed their dating website "Tune in Hook up" into youtube 

The youtube was started in the year 2005. the first video was uploaded in the youtube was "ME and The Zoo" uploaded by Jawed Karim after some days the youtube attracted the google company in the year 2007 google buy the youtube for 1.65 billion dollars from the three friends 
under the google company, the youtube was developed more and it has become a platform for so many new creators 
the present position of the youtube was for every minute 400 hours videos are uploading in it  and all this data was stored in the data centers maintained by the google 

in the 2007 year, google bring the partnership program in the youtube by this partnership program the creators of youtube videos can earn the money by displaying ads in the middle of their videos belonged to various companies 
the companies will give the money to the google for displaying ads in the middle of a video and google take 45% of the money and the remaining 55% will be given to the creator of that video  
the youtube will always satisfy the three members 
1) viewers 
2) creators 
3) advertisers

-> It helps the viewers by giving the best quality video 
-> Giving an opportunity to the creators  and also giving the revenue for the videos they create 
-> working for the various companies and giving promotions by 
displaying ads in the middle of videos 
-> Youtube also started giving play buttons to the creators who crossed the target of subscribers 
-> 1 lakh:- silver play button
-> 1o lakhs:- Golden play button
-> 1million:- Diamond paly button

Working of youtube: 

in the past years, we have a buffering problem on the internet 

but in recent times, it was decreased a lot 

to decrease this buffering problem youtube bring a new way 

in before when we play a video in youtube full video was stored as one file it was taken a large time to load more buffering was there 

at that time but now video was stored in small files 

these files are sent to the processor and the process will 

compress them into different resolutions like 1080p,720p, 240p, 120p and saves that data when we are watching a particular video 

the processor will set the bits line by line we can see the video in 

high resolution when the net speed was there 
if the net speed was slow the resolution of the video will 
automatically decrease and we can set the resolution as per our interest 

Youtube security check: 

youtube has a system named"content-id"

it will match the uploaded video to all the rest of the videos  it has before 
and it also matches the content music etc if any one thing was
it will send a mail to the person  who uploaded it first (original creator)
the original creator has three options 
-> not responding and leaving that problem 
-> blocking the video not to play in other channels 
->sending the copyright where the revenue of that particular video will be sent to the original creator 

Highest subscribed channel: 

the channel having the highest subscribers was in the youtube was 
the channel having the gaming and the comedy videos 
the channel was started in 2010 and the 
every time the subscribers will increase to this channel 
the creator of this channel was earned 12 billion dollars in the year 

-> the largest video in the youtube was 596:31:21
to see that video completely 24 days time have been taken 
-> in every day all over the world 500 crores people are watching the youtube videos 

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