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Intelligent Apps for Future Mobile Solutions

Welcome as Guest leave as a friend Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to our website Today our topic is on intelligent apps which are f...

Welcome as Guest leave as a friend

Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to our website Today our topic is on intelligent apps which are future mobile solutions. So let's move into the topic

what is an AI?

         Artificial intelligence is the same as the computer but the difference is in a computer cannot rectify errors without the interaction of the user but in AI it can rectify errors by giving small input and also it can develop their own.
  Artificial Intelligence is defined as intelligent exhibited by machines, and it is weak AI the form of AI  programs are developed to perform specific tasks, that is using for a wide range of tasks like diagnosis, electronic purpose, robot control, and remote sensors, etc.
 Intelligent apps are used to develop numerous fields, industries hospitals, hotels, education purposes, transportation, and etc.

      AI is good to tackle some of the greatest economic and social challenges
Example: Artificial intelligence is using a medical diagnosis, hotels, agriculture purpose.
Intelligent apps are the applications that make the use of machine learning technology to create apps and real-time data to make predictions and decisions to deliver an adaptive experience for users.
Features of intelligent apps

1. AI-powered algorithms which can remove irrelevant information and focus on relevant information.

2. These apps facilitate the automatic execution of tasks without interruption.

3. It can understand user needs and also notify the user potentials.

Applications use in intelligent apps

Siri is one of the most important personal assistants in iPhones.
  • Gmail is a google email platform to stop unwanted emails from the inbox.

  • Tesla not only manufactures cars which can also create smart beautiful design predictive powers.
  • Netflix is constantly getting smarter as its database continues to expand. This is because of its predictive technology which uses intelligent apps and suggests TV shows.
  • Facebook can add attractive and relevant content to your newsfeed.
Technology Trends
Intelligent and analytics.
Intelligent Things.

Types of AI
limited memory.
reactive machines. 

Intelligent app at work:

Those days have gone when employees were gratified with simple mobile-enabled access to key business applications and data. Now,
digital native demand much more than this, they anticipate intelligent user experience and highly useable as offered by customer apps. And, intelligent apps assure you to provide that the same. 
IA aids employees to accomplish their work in a different manner such as

  • It automates complex problems via processing them into natural language, IA contributes to enhancing output, boost up response time.
  • Mobile workforce.
  • IA facilitates decision-making problems.
  • IA provides just the right information to do their current job in an effective manner. 
Best intelligent apps for android and  ios
  1. Cortana
  2. Hound
  3. Recent news
  5.Google Allo

Intelligent apps are at the center of a new enterprise to build computational models of intelligence. The main assurance is that intelligence can be represented in terms of symbol structures and symbolic operations which can be programmed in the digital computers.

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