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One Plus 7 pro Full Review,Specifications,Pros, cons, camera price in India(july 2019)

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend  Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to Our Website hope you guys enjoying our  oppo reno 10...

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend 

Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to Our Website hope you guys enjoying our oppo reno 10x zoom full review Today we have posted about the one plus 7 pro Full review, its features, and pros, cons, camera comparison, price in India  So let's move into our topic. Post by Vishwa 

The main highlighted features are:

Display: 6.67inch touchscreen display having the resolution of (1440x3120)
processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 855 octa-core processor 
Front camera: 16MP
Back camera  48MP+8MP+16MP
Ram: 12Gb
Storage: 256Gb 
Battery capacity: 4000mah 
Os: Android 9.0 pie 

Full specifications:

Release Date: 14th May 2019 

Price: 48,999/-

Dimensions: 162.20x75.90x8.80

screen size: 6.67 inch 

Resolution: 1440x3120 pixels 

Aspect ratio: 19.5:9

Protection type: Gorilla glass 

Processor: Snapdragon 855 processor

Ram: 12Gb 

Storage: 256Gb 

Expandable storage: No 

Back camera: 48MP(f/1.6,1.6micron)
                       +8Mp(f/2.4, 1.o micron)
                       +16MP (f/2.2) 

Front camera: 16MP(f/2.2, 1.0 micron) 

Dual flash: Yes 

Wif: Yes 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth:  Yes v5.00 

Dual volte: Yes 

Dual-band wifi: Yes 

USB cable type: Type c 

Face unlock: Yes

Fingerprint sensor: Yes

Compass/Magnetometer: Yes

Accelerometer: Yes 

Proximity sensor: Yes 

Ambient light sensor: Yes

Gyroscope sensor: Yes


-> Solid built Quality 
-> The phone comes with metal frame and it was protected with glass plate around the phone 
-> The phone display comes with 2k screen quad HD display and that display was certified by A
-> The display of the phone consists of 90 herze refresh type 
-> We can set the resolution of the display in Quad HD and in  1080 etc we can change that in settings 
->Keeping the mobile in quad HD will give you best experience all the way
-> The phone has the edge 3D lighting where the light will blink when any notification came
->The battery capacity of the phone was 4000 mah 
-> The phone comes with rop charging so it can easily charge to 100 in one and half hour 
->The screen on time of the phone was  approximately 41/2 hours
-> The phone taking 50 mins time to get the charge of 70%
-> IN one plus 7 pro the vibration motor was awesome we can make it off when we don't like it the three intensity levels are given strong, medium, light 
->Processor used in the phone was snapdragon 855 processor the best processor for both gaming and normal usage no lags and frame drops are came in the middle of a playing a high-end game like pubg 
-> The best phone for gaming in July 2019 the phone was handling the games very well without any lags
-> The os used in the phone was oxygen os 
-> The phone having the liquid cooling system 
->Zen mode feature was there
-> The screen recording feature was there 
-> We can record the audio while recording the screen record
-> We can set the video orientation like portrait and landscape 
-> We can edit the screenshots 
->Quick instant reply messages feature was there by this feature we can give reply to the messages directly in the middle of a game
-> The  In-display fingerprint sensor was there and it was working very accurately 
-> The video recording in 3x zoom was better 
-> it also has
Dual volte 
Stereo speakers 
Support screencasting 
->We can see the amazon prime and Netflix in HD quality
-> The type c audio output was good 
-> The phone comes with UFS 3.0 which make the storage run faster 


-> By using the  wide-angle 16MP camera we can take only photos
there is no option for taking videos
-> In low light condition the back camera performance was average 
->The telephoto lens can zoom only up to 2.2x and the rest of the 0.8x was used to crop the photo 
-> The portrait shots that are taking in the phone are not good 
-> The 2.2x photos taken by the back camera are better than the 3x zoom photos
->The 10 layer cooling system was not there in this phone 
-> while playing a game the phone reaches 44 degrees to 46 degrees 
-> The body of the phone was becoming warm when taking the photos and playing games 
-> 4K 60fps recording was not good the video was appearing warm 
-> 1080 video recording was better than the 4k video recording 
->  No physical led light but the always-on display was there 
-> corning gorilla glass 5 was used 
-> No wireless charging  support 
->  3.5mm headphone jock was not there 
-> The ram management was aggressive the ram does not keep the apps in memory when switching off the game boost option the ram was performing some better than before 

Contents provided in the box are:

back case 
USB cable 

Gaming Review: 

One plus 7 pro phone was coming with Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor the processor was an octa-core processor the processor having the 8 cores in it so it can handle any game without any lag or frame drops 
The mobile can handle high-end games like pubg and asphalt9 without any lags and frame drops while playing the games the phone was maintaining its normal temperature but the phone was becoming warm lightly because the phone was built with the metal so the phone will expose more heat while playing we can play the 
game in  90 herze refresh screen so we can get a better experience while playing a game overall gaming performance of the phone was good except ram management the phone was not keeping the apps in the memory the games are reloading after we are taking two are three games at a time 

Camera Review: 

Rear camera: 

The one plus 7 pro phone was coming with the 16Megapixel front camera and 48MP+8MP+16MP back camera the back camera was a triple camera setup where the first camera comes with 48 Megapixel with aperture f/1.6 and the first camera having the 7 lenses 
-> The first camera  used was Sony IMX586
-> The second camera was 8MP which was used for wide-angle lense and the aperture was f/2.2 with 117 degrees 
->The third camera came with 16Megapixel  the aperture was f/2.8
with 78mm focal length 
->The camera also has phase detection autofocus and laser autofocus, continuous autofocus and it contains dual led flash 
in the video department, 
->4k video recording was not good but the video recording in 1080 was better than 4k 60fps video recording 
->we can record the slow-motion video can be recorded in 1080p with 240fps and 720 at  480fps 

Front camera: 

The front camera comes with 16Megapixel pop-up camera we can record the video up to 1080p with aperture f/2.0 the photos are in daylight condition are better than the back camera in night conditions or low light conditions the front camera was average 
->The phone was performing video department better than the photo department. 
->The portrait shots taken by the front camera are looking good in daylight condition the front camera was performing well 
-> we can record the slow-motion video from the front camera. from front camera 
->1080 240fps slow-motion video was looking better than the 720p slow-motion video 
overall performance of the camera was good  when the phone camera was compared to Samsung S10 plus two phones are  average performing same and giving the result with a small difference in the photo department
the performance of gc cam was average

Full Review:

The One Plus 7 pro phone was released in May 2019 the phone comes with Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor which was the best processor in the recent times the processor can handle any high-end games like game freely without any lags and frame drops the phone has the unique built quality the phone was fully designed with metal and covered with glass. the phone was coming with a 2k screen and we can set the resolution in screen settings the phone also has the 90 herze refresh screen. we can play pubg game in HD graphics the phone cannot support the playing of games in the 2k display. the phone was coming with oxygen os which was very clean the phone supports NFC, talkback, dual volte, screencasting support was there and some other features are there like Zen mode,
screen recording, stereo speakers, etc. coming to the camera the phone rear camera has the triple camera setup where one camera was for wide-angle and the other camera was for focal length and the rest of the one was telephoto lens. the telephoto lens is used for taking pictures with optical zoom. the photos which are taken with optical zoom 3x  are no bad but the photos taken with 2.2x zoom were good in optical zoom 2.2x is used for taking a photo and 0.8x is used for cropping the image which was taken. in the back camera, the video department was better than the photo department we can record the video up to 4k 60 fps but that was not looking well the details are not capturing well the video recording in 1080p was looking better coming to the front camera the phone has the 16 megapixel pop up camera the portrait shots with the pop up camera are looking well than the portrait shots of back camera we can record the slow-motion video by using the front camera up to 240fps in 1080p over all the two cameras are good. the phone does have the expandable memory but it has a UFS 3.0 which supports for fastest memory storage. A 3.5mm headphone jock was not there. FM radio also not there, the phone was having the USB cable type c the phone comes with 12gb ram and 256gb storage but the ram management was aggressive on this phone the phone was not keeping the apps in the memory. we can take the wide-angle photos from this phone     
the sensors included in the phone are Accelerometer, Gyroscope, compass/magnetometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and face unlock sensor the phone has the in-display fingerprint sensor the phone has the wifi with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and the Bluetooth was with the version of v5.00 the phone does not have the physical led notification light but it has the always-on display the other features in the phone are while screen recording we can record the external and the internal audio and we can the see the amazon prime and Netflix in HD quality the phone comes with a battery of 4000 mah screen on time of the phone was approximately four and half hours and the phone supports rop charging but it does not have the wireless charging feature. the phone has a water-resistant feature but they have not mentioned it there. the 10 layer cooling system was not there but they are mentioned. the performance of the phone was good in all the departments it comes with the specifications and the best os so the phone was the best phone when compared to one plus previous phones in all departments the will give you the best experience in the price of 48,999/-

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