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6 Benefits of Cloud Computing for your Business in 2019; Uses, Examples

welcome as a guest and leave as a friend   Hello, Tech Trending Readers Welcome to our Website Today. I hope you guys enjoying our...

welcome as a guest and leave as a friend

  Hello, Tech Trending Readers Welcome to our Website Today. I hope you guys enjoying our 10 Tips To Get a Job at GOOGLE; Professional experience, Specialty, Passionate about technology and the Company Our new topic is Cloud Computing Benefits, Uses of Cloud Computing, Examples of Cloud Computing, So let's move into our Topic.

Cloud Computing:

            Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store,  manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.  

➞ It is an interconnection of a large number of computers.

Benefits of cloud computing:

  The top 6 benefits of cloud computing are:

   1. Cost

   2. Speed
   3. Security

   4. Flexibility

   5. Quality Control

   6. Sustainability

  1. Cost :

        ➤ Cloud computing will save money and time in project startups, access to your company data is easy.

        ➤ It eliminates the capital expense of buying software, hardware, setting up and running on-site data centers.

        ➤ If you don't take any advantage of what the cloud has to offer, then at least you won't have to be dropping money on it.

        ➤ To service your stakeholders and clients, you will get exactly as much space as you need and not be charged for any space that you don't.

        ➤ These factors result in lower costs and higher returns.

   2. Speed:

       Cloud computing services are provided on-demand and self-service.

        ➤ So even vast amounts of computing resources can be supplied in minutes, giving the business a lot of flexibility, typically with just a few mouse clicks and taking the pressure off capacity planning.

  3. Security:

      ➤ Cloud providers offer a helping protect data, technologies, and controls that strengthen your security posture overall, set of policies, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats.

       ➤ Different security settings can be set based on the user when an added security measure with most cloud-based services.

   4. Flexibility:

        ➤ Cloud offers businesses more flexibility overall versus hosting on a local server.

       ➤ If you need extra bandwidth, a cloud-based service can meet that demand instantly rather than undergoing a complex update on your IT infrastructures.

       ➤ This improved flexibility and freedom can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency of your organization.

   5. Quality Control:

       The success of a business as poor quality and inconsistent reporting

        ➤ All documents are stored in one place and in a single format when it is in the cloud-based system.

   6. Sustainability:

        ➤ Sustainability requires solutions that address wastefulness at every level of a business.

        ➤ Cloud infrastructure support powering virtual services rather than physical hardware and products, improving energy efficiency, ( access from anywhere with an internet connection ) and environmental pro_activity.

Uses of Cloud Computing:

              Cloud computing is an operational technology in which mobile or computer users can manage, arrange, manipulate, create, calculate, publish, share, delete and edit remotely hosted system software and applications software, information and data by using the internet.

 ➤ You can set up your own cloud infrastructure and provide access for other users.

 ➤ It is an advanced use of the Internet.

 ➤ It is a new business model for companies.

➤ It is a new way to instruct computers.

➤ It is expandable as per demand.

➤ It is costly for common people or individuals but less costly for small business and big companies.

Examples of Cloud Computing:

 ➧ Google apps and Microsoft Office Online.

 ➧  Amazon EC2 (virtual IT).

  Digital Ocean (servers - IaaS/PaaS ).

 ➧ Google App Engine ( application ).

 Apple iCloud ( network storage ).

  DropBox etc.

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