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How does the Google search Engine work when search about a particular information

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend   Hello, Tech Trending Readers Welcome to Our Website Hope you guys enjoying Our  Redmi K20 ...

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend 

Hello, Tech Trending Readers Welcome to Our Website Hope you guys enjoying Our Redmi K20 pro Full Review Today Our Topic is about How does the Google search engine works when we search about particular information in the google search bar within a fraction of seconds. So lest move into Our Topic. Post by Vishwa 

About Google: 


We will always search for information on google every second and google was helping us a lot in every department and at any time it was working. Google also has some other departments

like Gmail, play store, play movies, 

The main purpose of google was to provide every information to the user about what he searched

Google provides you all the information in the images, videos, pdf, and the other formats which give perfect  clarity to the user 

Process of the search engine: 

Every time when you searched about information in the google search bar it gives you the result in a fraction of seconds without any delay the process involved in the backside of the search engine when you searched about an information 

In the google mostly 130 trillion webpages are present and so many new pages are coming daily from all that webpages the google giving you the information what you have asked 

To do this work perfectly the google is using the spiders or crawlers program 

These Spiders or crawlers program will help you to get the perfect information what you have searched 

The spiders or crawlers were connected to every webpage which was present in the google 
the spiders and the crawlers will always be connected with one page to another page like that this spider program was connected 
to 130trillion webpages which are present in the google 
the main work of the spider program is to connect every webpage in the google and it keeps the keywords in the memory by using that keywords it gives a certain search result 

for example: 

If a person searches about information like what is an android phone and how it works?
when he entered this in the google search engine the spiders or crawlers will select the main keywords like "android phone" "works" and after that, the program searches for all the websites in which two words are present it will select some websites in that  up to now the 10 percent of the process is completed the next step was google wants to show the best website to you so it will give the scoring to every website which was resulted before 
some of the departments are taken to give the scoring to websites
->  Design of the website 
the google first see the appearance of the website and how the websites are appearing in different cases etc 

-> Fast loading 
how much time is taking to load that particular website is also taken 

->  Title URL and keywords 
there is scoring for the title URL and the keywords used in the website the usage of best keywords will give you a perfect result 

->   Daily posts 
Google will also give the score to whether the website having the posts daily or not 

-> The SEO 
( search engine optimization) of the website was also seen by google 

-> Members visiting the site 
How many members are seeing the website are not and the previous readers are visiting the website or are also checked by the google and score was given to that website 

-> Page rank 
page rank will be provided by the google to the highly scored website 

after all that the google search bar will give you a result of 200 websites 
and here the top-ranked websites will appear you at the top of the google 
this overall process was completed in the 0.3 fractions of seconds

Google will also provide you the pictures, videos and the other pdf for what you have searched and all these webpages, photos, videos, and other are stored by the google with the help of the data  centers and that data centers will contain the several servers which will help you when you are searched  about an information
the total storage capacity of the google was 15 exabytes that mean 1500 gigabytes storage is there for google to save all this information 
so many using the google every time 60crore people are using google in one second but the google is giving information to everyone in the world who are using the google and it does not even lag when you are using it 
this is the process involved in the google search engine when we search for information on google.

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