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Inspiring story of Facebook Founder:Mark Zuckerburg

Welcome as a Guest and leave as a Friend Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to our website Today our topic is the history of facebook. ...

Welcome as a Guest and leave as a Friend

Hello, TechTrending Readers Welcome to our website Today our topic is the history of facebook. Post by Manasa

Popular Facebook and no need to introduction about this because of all the people familiar with this media.
Facebook can meet all the people in one place and we can also pass messages among the various people through messenger which is created by Mark Zuckerberg. 
This facebook has no castes, religion, languages all the people meet at one place this becomes a country this is more than china people.
This famous facebook is created by Mark Zuckerberg who has become a billionaire in the country.

Facebook people around the world can easily keep in touch with their friends and family members. Not long ago, society just didn't have such an opportunity but now everything has changed. However, Facebook is not only for communication and familiarity. There are legion interest groups and fan pages that help to the mass meetings to people together. Facebook has a large amount of database of profiles and also find your second half is impressive.

Mark  Elliot Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984 in Newyork, Dobbs Ferry. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mark is known for cofounding and leading Facebook as its chairman and CEO. He is only the son who is educated his father Edward Zuckerberg is a dentist and his mother, Karen Zuckerberg, is a psychiatrist. His father owned a dental practice next to the family house. Mark and his three sisters Arielle, Randi and Donna they raised in New york.
Mark Zuckerberg interested in programming yet in elementary school and Mark found in 10 years and he got PC Quantex 486DX on the intel486. He learned "Atari BASIC" by his father.
He created a messenger by using 'Atari Basic called "Zucknet" which helps to connect one to another and he installed in his phone and also his father has installed in dental clinic and reception where their staff use to give a message through that messenger when a patient has come to their clinic but his father thought that he created for fun but he also hired a computer tutor David Newman.

Mark Zucker studied at Philip Exeter Academy an exclusive preparatory school in New Hampshire. He showed good results in science and literature, receiving a degree in classics. He also became a good fencing student and also became a captain to that fencing team. He fascinated by coding and work on the development of software.
However, he faced so many problems after created facebook he also faced cases during the development of facebook 3 members are kept the case on Zuckerberg for copying some other idea he committed that people by giving funds to them, then they are compromised and they have given to Zuckerberg. 

         Mark Zuckerberg married a China girl her name is Priscilla chan. Mark has two daughters born on November 30,2015 and another daughter born onAugust28,2017.The couple both of the children on facebook. Mark decided paternity leave for two months to spend time with his family.                                                                                       

However, Zuckerberg became a billionaire in the world, He married to china girl and also he got a little baby on her name recently he has given 99% property which belongs to him. He will take only one dollar(1$) as a salary in his office. Mark never feels like a billionaire his property which he gets will give as a charity to poor people that good kind-hearted person Mark.
He also never sold his app to anyone if they pay a lot of money. He respected himself by not selling that app such a great person Mark Zuckerberg.

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