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Internet How It Works and How It Connects From Person To Person

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend Hello, TechTrending viewers  hope you are with our recent posts.  Now our New topic on the In...

Welcome as a Guest and Leave as a Friend

Hello, TechTrending viewers hope you are with our recent posts. Now our New topic on the Internet, how the Internet will work and what it specifies and the owner of the Internet.
Now_a _days people can live without Food and Water but, without Network, they can't that much importance given to the Network. yes, now we are going to know about Network how it works and how people using more than their needs.

Every day people are using social networks like Facebook, what's_app, etc. In facebook, people are used to giving more than 5,00,000 comments, 2,50,000 photos 5 crore messages for every second and also in Google people are searching more than 5millon searches for a second in what's app more than 5lakh messages are sending by this information we can know how long internet is.
People use the Internet for their purpose in previous days but this generation people are using as their habit without the internet the day will not end.
This Internet how it works and how fast the message pass from one person to another person in seconds.

Before going to the Internet we know about Internet History between the 1940s to 1950 Computers are large in size also consumes more amount of energy and time also they will not perform multiple tasks at a time where compare to this generation Computers at that time they create a small Internet called 'Arpanet' which known as Advanced Research Projects Agency by this Internet they send Login message from UCLA has computer which sends message to STANFORD computer  but only LO letters can see in Standford. After that, a lot of changes in the Internet in 1971 Tomlinson he sends the First Email by using Arpanet and also in the same year Vinton creep created on TCP/IP by using this we can easily pass the message from one device to another device.
Before the 1990s dilemma connection used through Telephone but now we can connect more devices. In 1991 Tim Berners Lee created a 'world wide web'.In the 1970s only 4 devices connect to Network but now there are 328 million connections per month by 2020 it increases to 5000 crore connections.

 The Internet can define as to where devices are connected to Network in our language we say that Internet is a wire if a wire connected between computer connected from home to office with a wire that is nothing but an Internet for this we spent only cable cost and Maintainance cost but, we can see only data in our computer if in case we need other computer connection we need to connect a cable if we want all the computer connection either we can connect a cables or for existing connection we have to connect.
All people think that Internet will work through satellite but in reality, it works through Data traffic 99% network cables only 1% work by satellite this also used for security purpose in google maps, Gps purpose for navigation. These Network cables take the whole country these cables are called submarine cables. This is prepared with either glass or fiber. If we are using a phone this must work with signal this signal also comes through cable. This one cable can handle 20,000 to 25,000 calls. These cables bound into a plastic tube.

Internet will go through 3 companies that are Trie1, Trie2, Trie3 where data is divided into packets while passing any data from one device to another device and the device for every device has a unique IP address which is taking packets it regenerates into images or web pages by these cables the message will send in light speed because of these cables are prepared with fiber or glass. 
These cables have more cost and also the maintenance cost is high these all will arrange by Trie1 company in our company Trie1 company is Tata consultancy this company with their money maintaining the Internet connections with 100's of people. If we see we know about all the connections throughout the country these cables are arranged in 6 points in India if we any information from any other country by this six points will get the information this cable lifetime is 25years we all get doubt how after 25 years the Tata company will change the connections before they expire if any problem gets through natural disasters there is alternate to retrieve data.

Reliance Jio has arranged submarine cables among Asia, Africa, and Europe with their own money this cable has 40TB capacity if we see any data from Asia, Africa, and Europe it will don't cost that's this jio giving more data with less money. This jio company has suffered 5 years to bring this into India and arranged the cables throughout India.
Trie2 company will buy data in GB 's from Trie1 company with some money the Trie2 company gives data with some offers to people by forming towers, for example, airtel, idea and again Trie3 will buy data in GB's from Trie2 company and it forms into small local networks and will give to people with offers. These both Trie1 and Trie2 companies for example Hathway
Both Trie2 and Trie3 companies established a company called Nixi 
National Internet Exchange in this website we can know about how the network traffic will go through all the connections, By this, we know the Internet is free but it takes the only maintenance cost. We can see Network traffic by using some properties.
For example, we want to see PC Network traffic by typing in command prompt as a tracert domain name where we can see all the network connections.

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