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Top 5 Impressive Apps that are made by the Google to use

Must-Have Apps that are made by Google For your Smartphone Everyday we use one or more than apps that are made by Google and they are v...

Must-Have Apps that are made by Google For your Smartphone

Everyday we use one or more than apps that are made by Google and they are very much helpful for us in our present time even some of the apps are used by us which are developed by the Google-like handouts, Gmail, Youtube, etc but today we discuss some apps that are developed by the google but they are not pre-installed on the phone Post by Vishwa

1) Aero
2) Datally
3) Files Go
4) Android Auto
5) Photo scan 

1) Aero:

             The Aero app was one single app for food delivery and home services right now this app is available in few cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi this app is a one-stop app service form thousands of local service providers, for example, we can order food from the app where the providers are well known apart from the food delivery we can search for the local services electrician, painters, cleaners, plumbers, movers and packers you can book the slot according to your convenience the app also offers discount for most of the delivers overall Aero app is lesser-known but a useful app if you live in supported cities in India. 


                 The Datally is an app by which you can save the mobile data easily the app manages the mobile data also help you to monitor save and gain control over the mobile data in order to work this app creates a VPN network so if you are already using a VPN app that won't work with this app the app easily track the app which was consuming more data and can also restrict the data usage for those apps apart from that we can also see the trends and the history over time and per-app use for day data there is also a feature which you can see the nearby wifi and also see the ratings from the other datally users overall datally is good app for controlling data and it saves the mobile data without consuming more.

3) Files GO:

                 There are lots of file manager are available these days but Files Go is the best app to manage files on your phone you can free up space on the phone and also share the files with others easily without the help of the internet connection which is something similar to share it app the other features of the app lets you find files which are large and also the unused app recommendation in this app the files are auto categorized such as videos, photos, apps, and documents overall Files Go is a wonderful app made by google and must download for every android phone. 

4) Android Auto:

                     We all use Google maps for daily bases these days we have one more app from google which is Android Auto this app is more simplified with large buttons and powerful voice the app is designed to make it other apps from phone while you are driving apart from the navigation feature you can see the incoming call from large connect and reject it can also readout any message while you are using the app we can also use ok google command to route to the next destination you can initiate a call this app also supports music through Spotify and google play music and you can listen to the google play music to any subscription if you drive a lot and listens to more music then you can try this app.

5) Photoscan:

                    Photoscan is a photo scanning app from google this app allows you to scan and save your favorite private photos using phones camera this app scans the photos with easy step by step capture information and then it automatically crops from the bassed of the detection with the photoscan app you can capture the favorite photos quickly and easily and the photo was safe to the phone then you can backup the scans with google photos app.  

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