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Top10 Finest Android Apps 2019

Top 10 Finest Android applications in 2019 which are available at Google play store  1) Arrive 2) Edlock 3) Google recorder ...

Top 10 Finest Android applications in 2019 which are available at Google play store 

1) Arrive
2) Edlock
3) Google recorder
4) 1 Gallery 
5)  Cometin
6) Picskit 
7) SocialMob
8) I R L 
9) Splitcloud
10) Repeat mode 

1) Arrive:

               Arrive is a package tracker app and it allows you to automatically try to call your online orders at one place in just one single tap the app will auto sink your purchases and show you the details of the delivery we can do the shopping from Ali express,, Amazon, and Flipkart this app shows all the details at one place 

2) Edlock:

              Edlock is a unique lock app for your phone with this app you cannot only lock your app but it will offer a short learning challenge for you so when you open the app you need to select the app store lock and then chose a topic from which you want a question to appear when you want to unlock the app you getting choose different topics from the list now whenever you want to unlock the app it will give you series of questions which you must answer to unlock the app you can also choose frequency up to three questions with over 150 different topics Edlock is the best app lock 
which will give you short education every time and especially we have a free version which will give you three credits which will you can select three topics from the list 

3) Google recorder:

              Google recorder app is a new app for pixel phones which was introduced in the pixel 4 but now you can install this app in any android phone so basically, this recorder used to record meetings, lectures or anything you want to save and listen later but this app auto transcribes the audio and labels what you record so that you can easily find the parts later on the app is really good and really convenient to use overall google recorder is a good audio recorder app

4) 1 Gallery:

                1 Gallery is the best alternative gallery application the app manages your photos and videos and apart from that you can also secure your photos and videos with hidden encryption features
the basic functionality is good the layout of the app understands you can also choose the light (or) dark theme according to your choice in the free version you have a limit for photos and videos 

5) Cometin:

                 Cometin is a free collection of tweets and tricks too optimize your productivity and improve your overall Android experience this app has features which are really helpful such as there are modules for ambient display, better rotation, etc now each of this module will allow you to do a certain task on your phone it's actually very good and easy to use it works on all the phones 

6) Picskit:

                 The Picskit is an all in one photo editor for your phone the application was more than just an editor with this app you can change bring photos with a unique look in the app there are features like Autocutout, double exposures, filters and so on you can get lot options in this app and every time you open this app you will find something different for your photos apart from the filters we can make photo grids with this app then also a template section which allows you to create a social media covers such as for facebook, twitter, etc  you can also create thumbnails for youtube using this app  overall the application was a complete editing kit for photos in the free version you get the limited access to all the features 

Download link

7) SocialMob:

                   SocialMob is a free indie music streaming and social networking app in this app you can explode indie music from various artists and socialize with them you can listen to music from various artist from countries like us, UK, India, Australia, etc in this app also create your own music playlist you also have the podcast in the app the best feature in this app was socialMob radio just double tap on it and listen for some great music for 24/7 this app is also social network and here you can connect with the people for lite minded based on music which is lot different than the other social network 

8) I R L:

              I R L is a social calendar which was unique when it comes to its features we often struggle with creating a plan and involving you friends and family members and know their opinion about it sometimes it leads to a un executable plan you make plans with no opinion of others and chat you can also excess nearby public events nearby in the app and see the details you can also create events for your friend or public to join the application is a perfect event organizer 

9) Splitcloud:

                Splitcloud allows you to listen to two different songs at once so in the app you get two music players and you can play a song from the local library or choose the online songs which are available in the app and that's it you and your friend can listen to different songs at the same time 

10) Repeat Button for youtube:

                    The application is a repeat button for your youtube videos you can loop the video by using this app is useful to repeat the same video for multiple times overall the app is simple to use and on the floating widget you can switch the option 

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